Security is a primary concern for most people. Everyone wants to know that their families and homes are protected and kept safe, whether they are there or not.

This is one of the most fundamental principles upon which Kyalami Estates was founded. A critical element of an effective security strategy is to ensure that security measures enable KEHOA to know who is within Kyalami Estates at any given time of the day or night and why they are there

The Perimeter

Kyalami Estates is surrounded by a brick wall topped with an electric fence. The fence is divided into multiple zones thereby providing superior power delivery to the fence line and more accurate and speedy detection in the unlikely event of an alarm being activated. The fence is also constantly checked by an onsite technician and any adjustments or repairs are effected immediately. The fence is monitored by the Fidelity Guarding staff 24 hours a day from within the secure control room. A further enhancement to the perimeter security system are the recently installed thermal cameras to further assist the Fidelity teams ability to respond to any suspicious activity in high risk zones.

The Gatehouse

Each gatehouse is manned by a team of Fidelity Access Controllers. These men and women are the first line of contact for all Residents and visitors. They scan the license and registration details of every visitor entering the Estate and link this information to the access code provided by the Resident responsible for the visitor. These details are then cross verified when the visitor leaves the Estate. A double boom system is in place at all entrance lanes to the Estate to prevent any person gaining access without following the required procedures.

Residents gain access to the Estate using biometric (fingerprint) readers at both gates. The introduction of biometrics has enhanced and tightened up access control.

Video Surveillance

A CCTV Camera system exists at both Gatehouses, these cameras capture visual details of everyone coming into and out of the Estate. There are cameras outside the gates monitoring the surrounding areas as well as in the control room, Estate office reception and car park. All footage is monitored from the Control Room.

Biometric Access Control

Residents gain access to the Estate using biometric (fingerprint) readers at both gates. The introduction of biometrics has enhanced and tightened up access control.

Inside The Estate

Fidelity Security Services (FSS) is the current guarding service provider to Kyalami Estates. The reaction officers patrol the Estate on foot and in marked vehicles. They are on the lookout for any suspicious activity, respond to house alarms and assist Resident’s in any emergency situation. The access controllers facilitate the entry and exit of everyone into and out of the Estate.

The Control Room

The Control room is the hub of the security infrastructure. The team manning the control room monitors the electric fence, the CCTV and thermal cameras and the Residents house alarms. They dispatch the reaction officers to any area within the Estate requiring investigation or anyone needing assistance.

Security Management

A full time Security Manager is on site overseeing all aspects of the guarding services. He ensures that protocols are followed and that the correct course of action is taken for all incidents. He is responsible for ensuring that the highest level of service is provided by the security team within the Estate. Security systems and procedures are constantly being refined and reviewed to ensure that Kyalami Estates remains a safe and secure haven for its Residents.